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BLOG 4: Value of Support as a Startup

When starting out as a business knowing that statistically 50% will fail in the first few years, it can feel quite daunting to say the least. The value in having people around you providing support and encouragement can make such an impact on your dedication and output with your startup.


There have plenty of startups born through challenging environments though with strong determination these founders have come out the other side with amazing resilience in the face of adversity.


Over the Easter Weekend, while with family enjoying some days up on the coast, I watching the news unfold out of Sri Lanka with the horrible attacks on innocent people, it made me really reflect. Within a moment, our lives can change forever and we may never get the chance to reciprocate the support our friends and family gave us when starting on a new direction in our lives. I am big believer that it has to go both was and to never take things for granted in life.


As we continue to grow, I will never forget the support given and will always make a conscious effort to show my appreciation to those that supported us at the very beginning. If you know someone who is starting out, either in a new job or launching their own business, be sure to show interest and support them as they kick start, as this will give them such a boost, especially on those days when everything seems to going against them!

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