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BLOG 3: Travelling Across Australia


There is something about travelling across the country from place to place. It isn’t for everyone and I get that, though just meeting new people and seeing places for the first time is a great feeling for my personally. Over the summer months I have been to Byron Bay, Busselton and Bright to name just a few and while a ‘Road Warrior’ isn’t something I would classify myself as, I rather draw inspiration from films like ‘The Founder’ when Ray is heading across the US slowly building up the company from the ground. Sometimes you just have to get out there and talk to the people rather than sitting behind the keyboard.


While the brand is still very much in it’s early days and will take time to establish ourselves in the surf industry, it is amazing to meet store owners and buyers that are really excited about a new brand looking to shake up the industry.


The word ‘startup’ is really something that has become a real buzz word over the years though it makes you appreciate and understand that every company in existence had to start somewhere, from a parent’s garage to a co-working space. Meeting other startups along my journey, although in different fields, share many similarities that does give me a sense of comfort at times to know your not alone.


PS: Admittedly it’s been a long time between Blogs so expect to see them updated more frequently :)

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